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We will guide your child step by step to reach their full potential. We aim to provide high-quality education and care for your child, in a secure and exciting environment.
Our service promotes equality and values diversity. We work in partnership with yourselves and outside agencies to support your child with the best possible start in life

We are committed to working with parents to provide the best care for all children.

 We aim to do this by engaging in ongoing dialogue with our parents, to gain knowledge of the individual needs of the children and to support them in the best way possible. We inform parents regularly about their children’s progress and we provide opportunities for parents to learn about our curriculum and what the children learn at our setting...

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Student-Teacher Ratio

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Student-Teacher Ratio

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Student-Teacher Ratio

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Pre k through 12 college

Why Hove Park is best
Solution for Education

Our commitment to teach  young children stems from the belief that it is essential to provide the right education to ensure your child grows and develops well whilst in our care.

Music; Human Rights and Gender Studies; Informatics Practices;  History

The objective  is to master English with strong speaking and listening abilities.

The objective  is to master Science subjects with strong researching skills.

The objective  is to master economics with strong mathematics skills

The objective  is to master English with strong speaking and listening abilities.

 objective  is to master religion skills with strong faith to God

What people said about us

Our Alumni

Our children have thrived in its nurturing environment and are happy, curious and confident learners. The staff are wonderful and clearly care deeply about the children. Preparation for big school is absolutely brilliant whilst always maintaining the perfect mix of learning through play. We couldn’t speak more highly of Miss Edwards and her team.
Amina Rashidi
We have been consistently impressed by the level of care and engagement each and every member of staff has with the children. All staff have an incredible ability to combine learning with pure enjoyment. The importance of confidence, sense of self and the utter joy of exploration and understanding are core values that Minors instil in each and every student
Janeth Maiko
“The Hove Park School school s is the perfect place for our four children to start their education journey in a loving and stimulating environment. Within days of their arrival, you can see the magic start to happen — their confidence grows, their vocabulary increases, and the joy spreads across their faces as they look forward to school each day.”
John Mathias


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AUG 11 2018@12:00 AM - 11:59 PM

Liberal arts adapted for the modern world

AUG 11 2018@12:00 AM - 11:59 PM

Nomination for National Book Awards

AUG 11 2018@12:00 AM - 11:59 PM

Our Curriculum how to build a complete

Our Classes

All our students will get a quality education that help thep to to copy with all life after schoo will will provide both accademic education and enhance teir talents

3 subjects

we ensure that students develop their selp despline and and enough confidence

10 subjects

good studing place and facilities will increase students hamony to llove their studies

12 subjects

good studing place and facilities will increase students hamony to love their studies

9 subjects

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